Riesenbeck: Medals for Thiago GS, Vayron and Heiline's Danciera

The offspring of Totilas, Vitalis and Fürstenball stood on the podium of the European team decision.

Matthias Alexander Rath and the Totilas son Thiago GS (breeder: Schafhof Stud) secured European Championship silver with the German team. The Danes won bronze, the Heinrich Sterthoff-bred Vayron by Vitalis was part of the team under Daniel Bachmann-Andersen, as was Heiline's Danciera by Fürstenball (breeder: Stald Heiline) under Carina Cassøe Krüth.
The Holsteiner Te Quiero SF by Totilas (breeder: Timm Jens-Peter) and Christian Schumach/AUT placed seventh with the team, Severo Jurado Lopez/ESP and Fuerstenglory by Fürstenball (breeder: Heinrich Gerriets) placed ninth with the Spanish team. Both nations have thus achieved their Olympic qualification for 2024.